Commencing ELC

St Margaret’s Berwick Grammar’s Early Learning Centre supports children to be the best they can be.

Arguably in education one of the greatest disruptions has occurred in early learning due to Covid.

Access has been patchy, or families have decided that children should not attend ELC during the pandemic.

This means that selecting an ELC in 2022 is even more important to ensure that your child gets the best start possible to their education.

Sue Eden, Director of St Margaret’s Berwick Grammar’s Early Learning Centre, says there are certain things to consider when choosing a place for your three or four-year-old.

“Reflecting back over the past few months, I’m so proud to say that our ELC remained open throughout the Covid lockdowns,” she said.

“While onsite services were limited to essential workers and those with permits, we supported all our families during the lockdown with packs, educational activities and online learning through the Seesaw app.

“So, while we’re not out of the woods yet, an important consideration over the next 12 months will be, how will your ELC support you if we have another Covid flare-up.”

When choosing an ELC, Ms Eden said it’s crucial that the philosophy and program align with your family’s goals and hopes for your children.

“For some parents, their primary goal is childcare, to have a safe place for their child to be while they are at work. For others the goal is to give their child an educational head-start and for others it’s both,” she said.

“We have faith that at St Margaret’s Berwick Grammar ELC we can cater for each child and support them to be best that they can be.”