New council website born for local parents

New mums and dads can now access a baby website with a wealth of information specific to the Casey council area.
The online hub, called BabySteps, gives parents and those expecting access to information, resources and services to help them navigate pregnancy and the early years of their child’s life.
The City of Casey, where more than 5000 babies are born each year, has become the first council in Victoria to offer such an online tool.
Council created the website by pooling knowledge from its Maternal and Child Health (MCH) nurses, trusted websites, and using invaluable feedback and suggestions from first-time parents.
The site allows parents to enter their child’s date of birth and track their development via key age stages, right through to 3.5 years.
The online hub features information about council services for babies and toddlers including childcare and playgroups, handy checklists for what parents should be doing at what ages, articles, videos and other resources.
There is also a handy function where parents can ask a question to a Maternal and Child Health nurse.
Casey Mayor Geoff Ablett said council identified the need for the website when looking at residents’ life events and what tools and services they could deliver to support those experiences.
“It’s such an exciting and joyous time when welcoming a new baby into the world, but it can also be a daunting time for parents as they’re often bombarded with information and advice about raising their child,” Cr Ablett said.
“BabySteps aims to complement the great work Council’s MCH nurses do every day in supporting parents and children and makes it much easier and more accessible for parents to find the relevant resources and services available for their child’s specific age group.”
Check out the website at