Finding a child’s best voice

Expert voice coach Paul Sykes.

A child can be taught to sing, even if they have a terrible voice.

All it takes is a little dedication and the right coaching, according to expert voice coach Paul Sykes.

But Paul says not all singing coaches are the same.

“A child needs an expert who can develop their voice properly from the start,” he explains.

“With poor technique, vocal habits will be formed that at best will limit their potential and at worst create vocal damage later on.

“So it’s important that they choose a singing coach who has the knowledge, experience, intuition and skill.

“It’s also important that the coach is friendly, encouraging, personable and fun so they want to come to their lesson.”

Paul has owned three recording studios. sung on advertising jingles for radio and TV and extensive live performance experience.

He is passionate about teaching children how to find their voice in a fun environment.

With 30 years’ experience in the music industry and as an expert coach, Paul has helped more than 1300 people develop their voice.

Paul, who has recently relocated to Berwick, bases his training on the highly regarded Estill vocal training method and works in three phases to help people discover their best singing voice.

The first phase is to get the voice working technically and he watches for 12 individual elements, such as tongue and jaw position.

The second phase involves taking those elements and putting them into songs, showing students how they can change their tone, volume and intensity.

During the third phases, Paul shows his students how to express their songs emotionally to make their voice sound amazing.

“This is by far the fastest and most professional way to get someone’s voice sounding great because it sets up a foundation of a technique they will use for a lifetime,” he said.

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