Loving imaginative play and the outdoors

Roslyn Mounayar and daughter Mia outside their new cubby house.

By Melissa Grant

The Mounayar family loves the outdoors.

On the weekends, Roslyn, Tony and Mia, 7, like to explore new playgrounds, ride their bikes and visit Lysterfield Park.

There is also plenty of outdoor fun to be had at their Narre Warren home, with a trampoline and newly built cubby house in the backyard.

Here, the family of three shares their favourite games, gadgets and things to do together.

Cubby house: The Mounayars have recently built and furnished a cubby house. It’s a place where Mia loves to have fun with friends, play games and read her favourite books.

Trampoline: Roslyn says the trampoline is “hands down” the most popular activity in the household. Not only is it fun – it is also a good exercise for a healthy mind and body, and keeps Mia off the iPad and away from the TV for a while.

Beanie Boos and stuffed toys: Kids go crazy for these and Mia is no different – she loves to play with them and show them to her friends at school. By last count, there’s about 100 in Mia’s collection!

Dollhouse and play kitchen: Mia loves to create her own imaginative recipes and explore different pretend ingredients in her kitchen. She also loves to play with her dolls and do dress-ups.

Vtech Smartwatch: This gadget offers hours of entertainment. With two cameras, games and video recording, Mia is never bored when playing with it.

The Beach: The Mounayars love going to the beach during the summer to relax as a family. Mia loves to build sand castles, throw a frisbee on the sand and eat ice cream.

Lysterfield Park: This is the family’s favourite place to visit. They often go there for a picnic and bike ride. The trio also enjoys spotting the wildlife like kangaroos, wallabies and echidnas.