Lynbrook Primary School

    Address: 37 Paterson Dr

    Phone: 8787 5390
    • Children are entitled to experience success every day. They should be offered opportunities to exceed expectations and to be actively involved in their learning journey. We acknowledge that children learn best when they are intellectually, socially and emotionally engaged. Our school is committed to providing a range of experiences designed to enable students to recognise and utilise their abilities and achieve the highest possible outcomes.


      High levels of engagement occur when children are;

      • Given clear learning intentions and success criteria
      • Given opportunities to be active participants (do, say, make)
      • Given authentic, challenging learning tasks appropriate to their learning needs
      • Supported in their learning
      • They experience success
      • Given constructive and timely feedback
      • Seeking continual improvement

      We believe in an integrated inquiry approach, where learning occurs in a real and worthwhile context, deeply connected to the world they live in, and acknowledges existing skills. Student engagement and success is enhanced by good teaching practice. Where teachers are flexible and take advantage of learning opportunities.