Maranatha Christian Junior School Officer

    Address: 62 Rix Rd

    Phone: 03 9709 7310
    • Our Vision

      “Maranatha is a Christian learning community in partnership with home and church where students are inspired to discover and develop their God-given gifts, abilities and character for a life of service to the Lord in contemporary society”.

      Maranatha Christian School understands that parents want a school which reinforces the spiritual values taught at home. Fundamental to this succeeding, is the partnership between parents and the school.

      Who we are

      Maranatha Christian School has been teaching Christ-centred education for 45 years and is an established community of Christian parents and staff who have chosen Jesus as the centre of our children’s education.

      Why we exist

      We exist to give Christian Parents a choice in education. Together with home and church, we equip children to live lives of faithful obedience to Jesus.

      What we do

      We teach and inspire our children to achieve individual excellence through core and extended curricula. Students at Maranatha learn in a safe environment that encourages academic excellence and critical thinking.

      With rigorous academic programs, local and International service opportunities and strong student leadership; students go on to flourish and contribute well in their communities.

      How we do it

      We employ some of the very best Christian staff in Australia, who are highly capable individuals that model and impact Christian values in a prayerful, secure and progressive environment, partnering with parents by building strong relationships with their children.