Enjoyable dentist visits

It''s important to make visiting the dentist a positive and enjoyable experience for kids.


One of the most common questions dentists and receptionists at Beaconsfield Dental are asked is: “When should I bring my child in for their first dental check up?”

The answer depends on whether your child will want to sit in the chair, possibly on your lap, and have their teeth checked by your dentist but this can vary.

Beaconsfield Dental suggests that when coming in for your regular six monthly check-up that you bring your child and they can watch you having your teeth checked and cleaned by your dentist. If they like, they can have a ride in the chair and the dentist can have a quick look.

Together with your dentist, you can talk about how to look after your children’s teeth and record their details for future visits.

It is all about making it a positive and enjoyable experience to encourage regular visits to prevent problems and recommend correct brushing and flossing techniques as your child grows.

A regular visit can also assist with preventing crowded or crooked teeth.

Building a relationship of trust over the years with someone who cares for your child’s dental health is what the dentists at Beaconsfield Dental aspire to.

The clinic can also assist with checking if your child/children are eligible for the $1000 Medicare child dental benefits schedule which covers most dental treatments.

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