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The best slides in Casey and Cardinia

Kids love to slide. They enjoy the thrill of climbing to the top and sliding down. Here, the Kids Today team explores the best slides in...

Fantasy themed playground opens in Berwick

A long-awaited fantasy themed playground - featuring castles, knights, princesses and fairies - has opened.

Dragon Park hatches in Officer

A striking dragon is the centrepiece of a cool new playground in the Arcadia estate.

New place to play in Cranbourne South

There's a new bright and bold playground in the Brompton Estate.

Five great playgrounds to visit

Discover five relatively new playgrounds in Casey and Cardinia.

Launch into Encore Boulevard Playground

The new playground features a huge rocket play structure and a variety of fun equipment.

A playground for all abilities with water play

There's a new playground in Clyde that provides a fun and welcoming experience for all kids.

A ninja style playground to visit in Berwick

There's lots to love about this park, which we visited on many occasions before the COVID-19 lockdown. 

The best playgrounds in Casey and Cardinia

Playgrounds are great places for children to have fun, explore, meet new friends and expel some energy. These days, playgrounds are more than just slides...

Playground upgrade to deliver Parkour

By Rowan Forster Parkour is coming to Gembrook. A dilpaidated playground in the township will be transformed into a Parkour haven, paying homage to the viral...

A playground with a first class racetrack for kids

There’s a park in Casey that’s definitely worth making a pit stop at. Grand Prix Park, located in the Berwick Waters Estate, features its very...

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Covering kids with sensory needs

When Berwick mum Caitlin Edgerton needed to buy a sensory chew toy for her son she couldn’t find anything locally. She had to resort to...

Connecting dads

Fun for Casey dads