Who are radiologists and what do they do?

Radiologist and Clinic Director Dr David Wang.

I-MED Radiology recently extended their clinic offerings to the Pakenham community, opening a fully comprehensive modern purpose-built clinic with a radiologist onsite.

So who are radiologists?

Radiologists are doctors who have specialised in reading and interpreting x-rays and scans to provide a diagnosis.

They have done additional training following their general doctor training. It takes around 12 years of training to become a radiologist.

What do radiologists actually do?

Radiologists tailor radiology examinations to the specific requirements of the request received, and supervise the technical aspects of certain scans.

They work in partnership with the referring practitioner, providing consultation on specific cases to ensure the best possible outcome for the patient.

They provide a written report on what they find on imaging scans and x-rays, they send this report back to the referring practitioner.

They also perform procedures such as biopsies of breast lumps and therapeutic injections to ease back pain.

Where would you find a radiologist working?

Radiology departments in hospitals and some private clinics. Not all radiology providers are the same, they don’t all have radiologists on site. At I-MED Radiology it is considered best practice to have radiologists working on site across all clinics. In Pakenham, I-MED has Dr David Wang, who is the radiologist reporting, supervising and providing consultation to local referring practitioners.

Is the person who takes the x-ray or performs the scan the radiologist?

The person who takes the x-ray or performs the scan is a technician, they are known as radiographers, sonographers and mammographers.

Does the patient ever see the radiologist?

Sometimes, most commonly if a procedure is being performed, or direct supervision is required for a scan. Patients can be assured that in I-MED clinics the radiologists are busy working behind the scenes with the I-MED team and the local referring practitioners to ensure the best possible outcome for the patient.