Trolley Trouble

Over 100 children a year have suffered injuries involving a shopping trolley, sparking warnings to parents.

Over the past five  years, 800 Victorian’s visited a hospital emergency department as a result of an injury involving a shopping trolley.  Of those cases,  529 were children aged 0-14 years with 60 per cent of all incidents involving a child under 4 years of age.

Jason Chambers, General Manager of Kidsafe Victoria, said trolleys could easily become unstable and tip, especially if children are moving around in them or hanging on the side of the trolley.

“Parents should only place their children in the trolley seat and always use the harness to ensure their child is securely restrained.

‘’If the harness is broken or missing, parents should choose another trolley’, said Mr Chambers.

While supermarket shopping is often a busy time for parents who may have more than one child with them, close supervision of children in trolleys plays a vital role in keeping them safe.

Kidsafe Victoria’s trolley safety tips:

Always stay close to the shopping trolley and keep a close eye on your child.

Only place your child in the trolley seat and always secure them in using the harness. Do not place your child in the seat if the harness is broken or missing.

Don’t let children stand up inside the trolley.

Don’t let children ride or climb on the sides of trolleys as this can cause them to become unstable and tip.