Are you bunny serious?

COLUMN - Melissa Grant

Bunny eggs-traordinary! When did Easter become a mini version of Christmas?

I clearly missed the memo on that one if my Instagram and Facebook feeds at the weekend are anything to go by. The effort that the Easter Bunny went to at many homes was just, well … . eggs-ceptional!

The Easter Bunny seemed to be channelling Santa as there were plenty of gifts including toys, crafts, books and clothing. This was in addition to the piles of chocolate eggs that could (or should) last some children until Christmas.

Times have certainly changed since I was a child when the Easter Bunny typically left a few eggs, some chocolate bunnies and a pair of pyjamas.

This year, the Easter Bunny left footprints at many homes. I have to admit that the floury, powdery prints looked pretty awesome. In fact, they looked so awesome that I would consider creating some next year even considering the clean-up involved (the kids create enough mess on their own, let’s be honest).

There were also scavenger hunts that made the traditional Easter egg hunt seem pretty lame! ‘Near the fish is a chocolate dish’, ‘have a think, it’s near mum’s morning drink’. Turns out that little rabbit is one clever bunny!

Also, what about those Easter breakfast and lunch spreads?! There were some that could rival Christmas lunch when it comes to indulgence. Some people started the day with pancakes in the shape of Easter Bunnies covered in whipped cream or Easter Bunny inspired waffles.

For lunch, there were slow cooked meats and salads followed up by bike cakes adorned with Easter eggs (you can never have enough Easter eggs, right?).

Just like at Christmas, many children received gifts from their grandparents, aunties, uncles, etc. I know of a little girl who now has a huge stash of Easter chocolates that take up about half of the kitchen pantry.

I limited my children to hunting eggs, one big egg and one big bunny. Does that make me the Easter version of the Grinch?

Have you heard of Easter trees? Well, neither had I but turns out it’s a thing. The Easter tree is actually an old tradition that is thought to have originated in Germany but is once again becoming more popular thanks to social media.

For those unfamiliar, Easter trees are typically smaller than Christmas trees. They are pastel coloured and are decorated with eggs, rabbits and ribbons (search #eastertree on Instagram to see some eggs-cellent creations).

Indeed, Easter is becoming a smaller version of Christmas. So perhaps I should hop to it and start planning for 2022!