Sisters loving imaginative play

Holly and Mila in their playroom. Pictures: Gary Sissons

The Lorenz family love spending time together outdoors and engaging in imaginative play.

Bree and Nick and daughters Holly, 6, and Mila, 2, live on a half-acre property at Cockatoo.

While the girls love exploring the outdoors, they also like playing inside their beautiful playroom that’s filled with toys that promote imaginative and creative play.

Here, the Lorenz family share their favourite games, gadgets and other things:

Magnetic tiles: These STEM aligned toys are great for construction and deconstruction! Holly loves to build tall towers and houses for her toys to live in, while Mila is getting really good at building walls and pulling tiles apart.

Holztiger animals: The Lorenz family’s vast collection of Holztiger animals has been collected over the last year or two, and includes about 80 different animals, people and trees. The girls use these for small-world play, but you can also see how many animals you can stack before they fall down.

Grimms LSP Blocks: Bree says the gorgeous set of blocks was one of the family’s first open-ended toy purchases. The blocks are used for all sorts of building projects – Bree and the girls often build all sorts of amazing creations. Mila enjoys stacking the blocks end to end and then knocking them over.

Play kitchen: Both girls love playing with the little kitchen, which is filled with felt and wood food, teacups, pots and utensils. Holly loves to pretend to make food for people, particularly weird combos that she thinks is hilarious. The girls often play restaurants and serve each other play food and drinks.

Bluey and Frozen: Holly and Mila are big Bluey fans, so Bluey is part of the family’s daily TV time! The girls love to play with their Bluey figures, and Holly absolutely loves Frozen and is often dressed in a beautiful costume or playing with a Frozen toy.

Baking: Bree loves to bake, especially cakes and slices, and Holly always wants to be involved. Holly’s favourite part of cooking is cracking the eggs, and to help with (but really eat) the icing on cakes.

Playground: The Lorenz family has a playground in their backyard, as well as a huge space to play. Nick spends a lot of time outside, so the girls love to join him and to run around, explore the plants and flowers in the yard, play with the dog and pick strawberries that they grow.