A new approach to learning

A research-based approach to teaching phonics and oral language has been a major focus in term one.

Don Bosco Primary School has recognised the impact on the language and social emotional development of students in their first few years of schooling.

Parents and teachers are quite aware that due to remote learning, students in years foundation, one and two have not experienced consistent school in a formal setting and so when creating a learning profile of each learner, the school needed to change it up.

A research-based approach to teaching phonics and oral language, together with further learning for their teachers and parents and where to go next with the development of personal and social capabilities, became a major focus in term one.

The Little Learners Love Literacy Framework has been carefully embedded across the three levels from F-2 and teachers are ecstatic with the early results this has demonstrated in student’s ability to articulate and interact with texts.

Teachers are keen to embark on new learning and use the characters from the Kimochi Social and Emotional Education Framework to teach the same student groups about emotions and the impact that these have on those around us.

Picking up the Keys to Communication will also support their oral language development and how to express themselves in a social situation.

Don Bosco’s parents have welcomed the new School TV app, which allows the school to share up-to-date research, podcasts and webinars personalised to our community needs.

“We here at Don Bosco cannot wait to share our Kimochi journey with you later in the year,” a school spokesperson said.