The dozen cooking skills kids should have

International Cooking Day is here!

As part of the celebrations on Friday 25 September, some food experts have come up with a list of the 12 food skills every child should know by age 12.

There are four categories: Shopping, Prepping, Cooking and Eating.

The list has been developed by Sanitarium, Themis Chryssidis and MasterChef fan favourite Callum Hann, of Sprout Cooking School.


1. Speedy Shopper– Plan what you’re going to cook, write a shopping list and zoom around the supermarket to grab it all.

2. Label Lingo – Read and understand the labels on food to decide what to buy and eat!

3. Seasonal Selector – Know what is in season and make recipes to hero those foods. Seasonal food doesn’t only taste better – it also generally is more nutritious and cheaper.


4. Recipe Ready – Know how to measure ingredients accurately

5. Safety Inspector – Stay focused in the kitchen, maintaining cleanliness and learning how to correctly handle kitchen equipment.

6. Chop like a boss – Know how to choose the right knife and when to safely and confidently rock chop, use a crab claw, or the tunnel technique.


7. Grill Master – Master the cook top by ensuring you are correctly prepped and understand how to work with heat. The temperature of the grill impacts both the cooking process and result.

8. Waste Warrior –  Learn to minimise the amount of food that ends up in landfill by reducing food waste, reusing ingredients and recycling.

9. Picasso Plater – We eat with our eyes, so release the creativity of your inner artist on to your plate.


10. Healthy DJ – Mix up your meals like your favourite DJ! Portion them in the right mix to form a balanced plate of vegetables, wholegrains and healthy proteins.

11. Table Talk – Brush up on old school table etiquette. Wait for everyone to be seated before you start eating. Chew with your mouth closed, use ‘please’ and ‘thank-you’. Once you’re finished, help wash up!

12. Secret Ingredient –  A shared meal has the power to bring the whole family together. The secret ingredient to wholly healthy mealtimes are a dash of appreciation, a sprinkle of connection and lashings of love.